My name is Kyle Murphy. I am a U.S. Army veteran. Along with my dog I’m currently traveling through the world, and life, in a solar-powered van. My life is my project. We each live our own unique experience. We all have our own perspectives and qualities that we bring to the table. That uniqueness is what literally makes us all the same.
Solar Vet Project is an idea. The idea that life is worth more than a salary. The idea that life is an experience worth sharing. Solar Vet Project is the idea that life should be lived to the fullest, no matter what that means for you.
For me, that means life on the road. Solar Vet Project is literally me, it is my own life. It is the good and the bad, it is the beautiful and the painful. Solar Vet Project is the life I live. My intention is to continue to grow. To strive for more room in my heart for compassion. To find less judgment for not only those around me, but also to judge myself less; a task that proves difficult.
My life has led me to San Francisco, and to City College, for a paid education. For the next few years life will teach me how to live, while school will hopefully teach me how to share what I learn with those who are interested. It is my belief that sharing a quality conversation with others, or sharing a message with those who will listen, can make great change in the world.
Solar Vet Project is my place to document life’s experiences. A place to look back and see the progression unfold. Its my place to share what I love with YOU.